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The Image SEO optimizer for WordPress is a plugin that helps you improve your website’s organic traffic by automatically optimizing your image alt texts and filenames for search engines. It also saves you time and improves your website’s accessibility. Additionally, the plugin can generate social media previews for images, which can increase traffic from social media.


Depicter is a WordPress slider plugin that allows you to create beautiful and responsive sliders with ease. It comes with a variety of features and templates, and is easy to use even for beginners.

AI Image Lab

AI Image Lab is a WordPress plugin that integrates with the media library, offering AI-generated custom images in various styles.

Altis Accelerate

Altis Accelerate plugin helps you create engaging content with AI, analytics, and A/B testing.


AI-powered content creation tool helps you create engaging content, improve SEO, and select relevant images.


WordPress plugin uses AI to generate and repurpose content, images, and quotes.

Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer automatically renames your media files for better SEO, site speed, and security.


Imajinn is a WordPress plugin that lets you create stunning images with just your imagination.

AI Content Poster

Automatically post high-quality content, create engaging content, and rewrite existing content using artificial intelligence.

Kadence AI

Kadence AI creates compelling, tailored content and imagery for your website.